Yuinshiel Asteria
Yuinshiel Asteria
Personal Info
Kanji ユインシエル・アステリア
Romaji Yuinshieru Asuteria
Status Active
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Enastoria Empire
Occupation Empress
Anime Episode 1
Voiced By Kaede Hondo (Jp)
Amber Lee Connors (En)

Yuinshiel Asteria (ユインシエル・アステリア Yuinshieru Asuteria?) or known as Yui (ユイ Yui?) is the Empress of the Enastoria Empire.


Yui 3

Yuinshiel Asteria is a teenage youngwoman with the large breasts, blonde ponytail hair. She wears a royal uniform that is colored both blue and red, white skirt with yellow line, and a royal shoes.


Yuinshiel Asteria is a kind-hearted sister to Rena Asteria.

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